Ipswich Cemetery Ghost Tours

Many who grew up in Ipswich considered “spook hunting” a great weekend pastime. One of the most skin-prickling places was the Old Ipswich Cemetery.

On the edge of town, opposite the golf course and a former mental asylum, over 150 years this morbid museum of Ipswich’s past has grown to six acres; 30,000 lie here. Hundreds of pioneers and their descendants rest in the
black soil – all are equal now – businessmen, politicians, mothers, fathers & children. Their stories, recorded in stone, are both inspiring & tragic. Death is cruel.

Many claim to have seen and heard ghosts during a night-time visit. Stories span two centuries – some silly, others very real. Some say it is very creepy at night; others peaceful and tranquil.

Don’t go there alone…

Meet at the gates of one of the oldest and most haunted burial grounds in Queensland – Ipswich Cemetery. Many who grew up in town swear this is the best place to see a ghost.

Be led by lantern light on an intimate 2 hour historic ghost tour with an eerie Tour Guide and hear 13 real ghost stories of real haunted graves and real haunted sites in Ipswich – true tales researched from archives, libraries, former grave diggers & local residents – forgotten graves, business tycoons, statues that move, convicts & bushrangers.

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