Mainland Australia’s longest running Ghost Tours, established in 1998 by local horror historian Jack Sim, Ghost Tours Australia combines the unique experience of visiting some of the nations most historic Haunted Sites with the ancient art of storytelling. Hear the Haunted Heritage of these sites including classic local ghost stories, urban legends and myths, true tales of tragedy, crime, murder, mystery, magic, love & death.

There are no extras covered in sheets leaping from the shadows to give cheap thrills on these tours. Every Ghost Tour is undertaken with an eerie Tour Guide who imparts the haunted heritage of the site. The presence of these creepy characters is Ghost Tours only concession to theatrics.

officeBuried deep within an unsuspecting Brisbane suburbia, stands the beating heart of Ghost Tours Pty Ltd – a simple tin shed. Within this shed you will find no secret caves, futuristic technology or even running water; what you will find is less than a handful of devoted souls with an insatiable appetite for history & hauntings.

It is inside this construct that all of your emails, all of your phone calls and all of your enquiries are found and answered. Early in the mourning, within the bowels of the Ghost Tours Australia office, you will find no more than 4 people hard at work, to ensure that your next night out is a creepy one.

Of these souls is the Tour Coordinator, who handles all of your bookings, enquiries, phone calls and emails, and he will be the gentleman whom you should seek; should you require assistance with your tour.

Locked away in the opposite side of the shed, however, resides the Managing Directors office. The office of the one they call Jack Sim…

Ghost Tours Australia also employs experienced Tour Guides whose passion for history & hauntings makes them the perfect people to take you on your journey through Brisbane’s darker side.